· · · · · · · · · · · · L’Assiette : la longévité à portée de main · Le Vif : le couteau des gentlemen et gentlewomen · Umwelt · un couteau de poche léger à l’esthétique efficace · Au sein de notre atelier, nous vous proposons de venir découvrir notre métier au travers du geste et de repartir avec un couteau que vous aurez fabriqué de vos mains et qui correspondra à la qualité · Qu’est-ce que la location longue durée et la maintenance chez Antretoise ? C’est le suivi et l’entretien de notre production tout au long de sa durée de vie. · Mentions légales : ce site est édité par Antretoise, Scop au capital de 16760 euros -dont le siège social est situé 22-24 rue Fontgiève à Clermont-Ferrand (63000), · La Discrète : une nature indomptable, une dague intemporelle · Conditions Générales de Vente · L’Antretoise : le couteau à votre service · À propos : notre magasin-atelier situé à 200 mètres du centre historique clermontois est un vrai lieu de vie dédié à notre vision de la coutellerie française. · Accueil · l’éthique, l’esthétique et l’artistique sont aussi au centre de notre artisanat. · Accueil · l’éthique, l’esthétique et l’artistique sont aussi au centre de notre artisanat. · Nos couteaux ·
WORKSHOPS Here in the heart of our workshop, we invite you to come discover our trade through its physical practice. You'll leave with a knife that you'll have created with your own hands. A knife with the same level of quality as those that we sell.You'll be assisted by Gael, experienced in instructing both beginner and expert audiences. He'll transmit to you the passion of the knifemaker's craft. Our machines are new and well-protected and you'll also be given with any necessary personal protection equipment.For reasons of feasability, certain steps will have already been completed (because they're neither useful nor fun) but you'll be creating the heart of your very own knife. Listen, then assimilate. Observe, then assimilate. Reproduce, then assimilate. Try, fail, start over and succeed. Create, fail and start over.That's a quick summary of artisanal Deep in the DNA at Antretoise there's the transmission of an essential aspect of artisanry; technique cannot always be explained with words or theory.This knowledge is a a kind of physical sensation, first transmitted then integrated. Our beautiful and painstaking craft is no exception to this rule. Japanese Water Stone SharpeningIn our sharpening workspace, with water stones of differing grit levels at your disposition, we'll help you discover Japanese water stone sharpening.In the course of the workshop we'll explain to you how to evaluate the work to do on your knives at home, whether they're table knives, kitchen knives or folding knives.Then we'll help you learn the correct gestures and explain how to correctly maintain your knives.1 hour · 8 € The Creation of a Table KnifeYou will create a beautiful table knife, beginning with raw materials.To start with, you'll be working with the drill press and sanding the scales (the two plates which make up the handle). Then you'll polish your blade, attach the scales and shape the final form of your knife. To finish, you'll give the blade a final polishing.Approx. 2h per knife · regular purchase price of the knife Fabrication of a Folding Knife with LinerlockDuring this workshop the accent will be on adjusting the mechanism and understanding the basic fabrication of a folding pocket knife (different from the construction of a fixed-blade knife).Participants will cut out and drill the scales (the two plates which form the handle), then polish the blade. The knife will then be assembled and the spring bar of the linerlock (blade-locking mechanism) will be adjusted. The knife with then be reassembled to shape the handle and for final polishing.After the knife is in finished form you'll learn to sharpen it correctly.8 h per knife · regular purchase price of the knife Fabrication of a Full-tang Kitchen KnifeParticipants will cut out the blade, drill and grind it. You'll shape the scales (the two plates which make up the handle) as well as polish the blade.You'll also create the ferrule as well as the butt of your knife (attached by screwing).Once the parts are ready you'll assemble the knife, shape and polish it. You'll finish the workshop by learning how to correctly sharpen your creation.12 hours · contact us for pricing Fabrication of a new & unique knifeDuring this workshop you will design and fabricate your own knife.We'll accompany you in the initial technical drawing, cutting out blade shape, during the thermal treatment of the various parts and finally in polishing the finished parts.You'll learn how to calibrate the mechanism (if applicable) and adjust the fit and finish of the various parts. You'll continue through the blade grinding, shaping the handle, final assembly and final polishing of your own unique knife.duration depends on project · contact us for pricing CONTACT@ANTRETOISE.COM FOR INFORMATION HOME  iiiiTHE KNIVES PROFESSIONALSWORKSHOPSABOUT USSHOP VIFUMWELTANTRETOISEASSIETTEDISCRETE 22, RUE FONTGIÈVE · 63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND · FRANCE PRIVACY POLICY · TERMS AND CONDITIONS MANKIND'S FIRST TOOL contact@antretoise.com+33 (0)4 15 81 39 04