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THE DISCRETE A NOBLE CHARACTER A TIMLESS DAGGERA good hunter is effective. Our dagger is not only effective, it's elegant and (dare we say) timeless.A whole swath of French culture is tied to hunting and with the Discrete we wanted to take that into account. And of course a quality hunting dagger is hard to find. After some reflection, our team accepted the challenge of creating a high-quality hunting dagger, made entirely by hand. Arizona Ironwood burl handle 730 € · BUY NOW Supplied with a leather case starting at Carbon fiber handle This 25 cm hunting dagger, functional and æsthetic, is comprised of a double-edged blade with a hand-ground quadruple hollow grind and gutter for optimized use.Its robust and ergonomic handle is capped with a guard as protective as it is refined, making the Discrete the ideal dagger. It is supplied with a beautifully made leather case, fabricated by Dominique Gireaud, our master leather craftsman.We only make a few of the Discretes. You'd think that they'd be incredibly expensive, but no. As with all our products, we use quality materials without trying to optimise our production time. Just the opposite: at one dagger per day, we've gone too far in the other direction! FUNCTIONAL AND ÆSTHETIC Arizona Ironwood burl handle with bronze ring 5.00 mm 135.63 mm 35.81 mm max 256.71 mm 25.90 mm max THE BLADE: RWL34A martensitic steel, Damasteel RWL34 is a powdered metallurgical variation of 420 stainless steel (with 13% more chrome). It's a Swedish sintered steel well known among knifemakers and whose reputation needs no boosting. We cut out the blade by hand and do each step by hand, ourselves.An extremely tough composition:It contains 14% chrome (cr), 1.05% carbon (C), 4% molybdenum (Mo), 0.5% silicon (Si), 0.5% manganaese (Mn), and 0.2% vanadium (V). It's manufactured in Sweden and its hardness after hardening and cryogenic treatement is +/- 60 HRC (Rockwell) This ultra-modern steel possesses a remarkable cutting edge and exceptional cut handling. All of our fasteners are custom manufactured for each knife. total length:blade length:blade steel:guard:butt: 397.34 mm256.71 mmRWL34inoxinox TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Arizona Ironwood burl handle OPTIONS HANDLESBecause our dagger is fabricated entirely by hand by special order, we give you a broad choice of handle materials and personalization in order to fabricate for you a unique creation.A 30% deposit is required after your validation of our estimate. Most frequently we use wood from Luminessence, a company that provides wood only from French or European sources (it's better for the planet).Available species: madrone burl, mulberry burl, osage orange wood and terebinth wood. Fabricated by U-Carbon a Lezoux, just east of Clermont-Ferrand, this carbon fiber was originally destined for the aeronautical industry (you know, that big company near Toulouse…) and cut with a water jet to avoid any charring or deformation due to heat.Since this carbon fiber meets aeronautical standards, its quality is exceptional (as well as being 25% less expensive than other, inferior, carbon fibers)! What the people want! WOOD RECYCLED CARBON FIBER HOME  iiiiTHE KNIVES PROFESSIONALSWORKSHOPSABOUT USSHOP VIFUMWELTANTRETOISEASSIETTEDISCRETE 22, RUE FONTGIÈVE · 63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND · FRANCE PRIVACY POLICY · TERMS AND CONDITIONS MANKIND'S FIRST TOOL contact@antretoise.com+33 (0)4 15 81 39 04