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align-bottom EXCELLENCE AT YOUR TABLE CONCEIVED FOR PERFORMANCEThe ergonomy of this knife is as perfect as its blade, while conserving a standard length (23 cm), optimized for blade length and the use of the edge.The spine of the knife, from the butt to the tip, is intelligently curved inwards to help avoid touching the edge of the plate. This permets your to use more of the blade, for an optimal cut. manche avonite Avonite handle: light and elegant but easy to maintain. THE ANTRETOISE 39 € · BUY NOW manche avonite For individuals, our knives are sent either in cardboard boxes or in robust locally-produced wooden boxes. Professional orders are sent in foam-lined cardboard boxes holding up to 50 knives. PROFESSIONALS, THIS WAY Conceived for all types of hands, the comfortable and elegant handle fits comfortably in your palm thanks to the bolster that we've placed at the butt of the knife (yes, you say "butt" in cutlery)!The form of the blade makes this a suitable knife for almost any dish -- gluttons beware!The ultimate table knife? Decide for yourself! We've created a fine but powerful blade, pre-beveled for the whole length of the knife. This continuity for the length of the blade means that the knives will keep their elegant line and æsthetic purity even after many sharpenings! GLUTTONS BEWARE! Avonite handle 119.91 mm 108.16 mm 23,41 mm max THE BLADE: ALENOX 18CRThe blades of Antretoise knives are manufactured by GDD (Générale de Découpage).The Antretoise's blade is made from Alenox 18Cr.A high level of Chrome (Cr), and a balanced chemical composition, mean that Alenox 18Cr is perfect for blades used in the food industry (blades for frozen foods, pork and beef butchers' knives, grinders, fish-fileting among others), and is particularly resistant to corrosion.Its resistance to wear is excellent, because its hardness makes maintaining sharpness easy.The Alenox 18Cr is a German stainless steel with a hardness of +/- 58 HRC (Rockwell). An excellent composition:Its composition is 18% chrome (Cr) for corrosion resistance, 0.9% carbon for hardness, 1.1% molybdenum for resistance to heat and knocks, and 0.1% vanadium for resistance to wearing. All of our fasteners are custom manufactured for each knife. total length:blade length:blade thickness:handle thickness:blade steel:handle material:fasteners:weight: 23 cm12 cm2 mm6 mmAlenox 18CrCorian, G10,recycled carbon fiberstainless cylinder headflathead, Torx64 g TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS manche corian OPTIONS HANDLESPrincipal handle materials include: Corian is comprised of bauxite powder embedded in resin that is highly resistant to UV.It is frequently used in making kitchen counters or sinks. Yep, knifemakers steal materials from all over the place! CORIAN39 € · BUY NOW G1050 € · BUY NOW RECYCLED CARBON FIBER55 € · BUY NOW UG10 is a type of fiberglass injected with expoxy resin.It's a material which behaves very well when wet and lasts virtually forever. G10 is durable and highly resistant to UV light. To help you find the knife that suits you, a large selection of colors is available. Fabricated by U-Carbon a Lezoux, just east of Clermont-Ferrand, this carbon fiber was originally destined for the aeronautical industry (you know, that big company near Toulouse…) and cut with a water jet to avoid any charring or deformation due to heat.Since this carbon fiber meets aeronautical standards, its quality is exceptional (as well as being 25% less expensive than other, inferior, carbon fibers)! What the people want! PROFESSIONALS >> HOME  iiiiTHE KNIVES PROFESSIONALSWORKSHOPSABOUT USSHOP VIFUMWELTANTRETOISEASSIETTEDISCRETE 22, RUE FONTGIÈVE · 63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND · FRANCE PRIVACY POLICY · TERMS AND CONDITIONS MANKIND'S FIRST TOOL contact@antretoise.com+33 (0)4 15 81 39 04