· · · · · · · · · · · · L’Assiette : la longévité à portée de main · Le Vif : le couteau des gentlemen et gentlewomen · Umwelt · un couteau de poche léger à l’esthétique efficace · Au sein de notre atelier, nous vous proposons de venir découvrir notre métier au travers du geste et de repartir avec un couteau que vous aurez fabriqué de vos mains et qui correspondra à la qualité · Qu’est-ce que la location longue durée et la maintenance chez Antretoise ? C’est le suivi et l’entretien de notre production tout au long de sa durée de vie. · Mentions légales : ce site est édité par Antretoise, Scop au capital de 16760 euros -dont le siège social est situé 22-24 rue Fontgiève à Clermont-Ferrand (63000), · La Discrète : une nature indomptable, une dague intemporelle · Conditions Générales de Vente · L’Antretoise : le couteau à votre service · À propos : notre magasin-atelier situé à 200 mètres du centre historique clermontois est un vrai lieu de vie dédié à notre vision de la coutellerie française. · Accueil · l’éthique, l’esthétique et l’artistique sont aussi au centre de notre artisanat. · Accueil · l’éthique, l’esthétique et l’artistique sont aussi au centre de notre artisanat. · Nos couteaux ·
AN INDISPENSABLE TOOLMaking knives is mankind's oldest craft, and the knife remains an indispensable tool as we go about our lives.We developed our knifemaking skills while keeping in mind the spirit of sharing and transmitting our passion for the craft. Ethics, aesthetics, and artistic expression are also at the heart of our passion for cutlery.Our store/workshop, situated 200 meters from the center of Clermont-Ferrand, is a living, breathing space dedicated to our vision of French cutlery. Come and learn to maintain and sharpen your knife under our experienced supervision. A PWC, C'EST CHICOur collective has chosen the form of a PWC (Production Workers' Cooperative).This choice was born of our desire to be free of the constraints of the traditional entrepreneurial path. At Antretoise, the management, commerce and fabrication are all on an equally important footing. We function as a coherent and balanced organism.A few words to sum up Antretoise: respect, quality, transparency, teaching, innovation and service… all Made in France. ABOUT US Clermont-Ferrand WHENCE THE NAME? It's from "entretoise", a part connecting two others, and the "antre", our workshop. Discover the future of French knifemaking with Antretoise What's easier than a game, for learning?A as in… No, they're not tiny beer kegs, they're the "entretoises" of the Umwelt! We created the PWC Antretoise to fill this void. In germination since 2016, the organization was created on March 1st, 2018. Our work consists of, after having conceived our initial designs, grouping the different knife parts (folding or straight, table knives, kitchen knives, or hunting knives) assembling them, adjusting them, polishing them, and finally sharpening them, to make them as beautiful as possible before we send them to you. The vocation of Antretoise is to create and to transmit.As time goes by, we renew and augment our range of knives. We develop more and different new ideas, while trying to innovate continuously, as much as possible, in our body of work. We hope that you can see a reflection of yourself through our work. "Made in France" already existed, as did "Made in Auvergne". But "Made in Clermont-Ferrand" didn't exist. Made with love and expertise We didn't call in a designer or an ad agency in designing our knives. Instead we listened to our instincts, our desires, our guts… we listened with the essential core of our spirits.For knifemakers, you're pretty passionate!There's no need to dive into mythology or popular superstitions: a simple idea, distilled, neither too much or too little, just what's necessary, discrete, elegant, made with love and expertise!Leave with a little bit of us… an Antretoise knife! In accompanying us, you're guaranteed support, good advice, and perhaps you'll even gain some of our expertise.We think that sharing our expertise can only be positive, and that this sharing will help us, in our own way, evolve. Romain DelhommeA soul softly rocked by Caribbean and African music.He's our big lug, made in Auvergne, and he's very curious. Romain is our chief salesman and the public face of Antroise: eclectic and reliable.A sober guy, who knows what he wants, he respects work that's done right and tries to be objective and open-minded. Agnes MangoniDon't trust appearances: she looks timid, but she has a strong and intenset temperament.Agnes is in charge of customer relations, as well as receiving and managing orders. On top of that she runs our shop and manages the stock.Having previously worked in knifemaking workshops, she also lends a hand in the workshop when needed. Eddy NezelofEddy's passion for knives and sharp objects apparently began with an injury -- it goes all the way back to the first time he cut himself while playing with his dad's swiss army knife (his father was also a passionate knife collector). Since that day he's never far from his a knife - he collects them himself.After having temporarily left Thiers, the call of cutlery brought him to our workshop. He joined our team, determined to make his dreams a reality. Gael ChabaudieIf you have a Cartesian bent, you'll love Gael.He takes his values seriously. As a boy he went through compagnonnage, a traditional mentoring network, to learn a trade while experiencing community life and traveling. He's in love with work and fellowship and tries always to be just.He's our technical guy. He runs the workshop and organizes our production. He is also in charge of fleshing out and developing new ideas as we submit them. Thibaut MeyepaThe swiss army knife of the group!Our manager for the first two years, he's mainly concerned with our communication, with developing our international presence, and with finding and developing manufacturing partners. A knife maker himself, he helps out in the workshop.He's calibrated to the width of a mouse whisker (not the mouse in his hand -- a real one)!Thibaut co-manages the shop and serves as a connection between different elements of our business. THE GANG Agnes, Eddy, Gael, Romain and Thibaut Eddy Romain Agnes Thibaut Gael 22, RUE FONTGIÈVE · 63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND · FRANCE We privilege short production cycles, transmitting joy, and humor!We try to be, and to stay, transparent with respect to the following:• our entire production cycle • our partners • our suppliers • our pricing OUR SUB-CONTRACTORS As always, in the spirit of transparency you can, at any time, ask for the contact information of one of the sub-contractors with whom we work! OUR VALUES Antretoise is a PWC making artisanal knives: medium and top-of-the-line, and ecologically responsible. HOME  iiiiTHE KNIVES PROFESSIONALSWORKSHOPSABOUT USSHOP VIFUMWELTANTRETOISEASSIETTEDISCRETE 22, RUE FONTGIÈVE · 63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND · FRANCE PRIVACY POLICY · TERMS AND CONDITIONS MANKIND'S FIRST TOOL contact@antretoise.com+33 (0)4 15 81 39 04